Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wellcome Collection's newest digital initiative project: Mindcraft

The Wellcome Collection in London has produced a multi-media "digital story" (part essay, part documentary video, part slide show) called Mindcraft.

The Wellcome describes the project:
Mindcraft explores a century of madness, murder and mental healing, from the arrival in Paris of Franz Anton Mesmer with his theories of 'animal magnetism' to the therapeutic power of hypnotism used by Freud. 
Through an immersive scrolling interface including image galleries, video, and interactives, Mindcraft will take you on a journey that asks who really is in control of their own mind, and where does the mind's power to harm or heal end?
Mindcraft is written by author and curator Mike Jay, and developed by award-winning digital agency Clearleft. Mindcraft can be explored on a desktop browser or tablet.
The Wellcome Collection, which describes itself as a "free destination for the incurably curious," houses the collections of Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853-1936).  He was a philanthropist, entrepreneur, pharmacist, and collector who amassed an enormous collection related to medicine and health.    

Friday, November 21, 2014

Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Map

Here's a terrific Creative Commons, crowdsourced, online project that provides access to digitized medieval manuscripts all over the world through maps!

The Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Map project was developed by Giulio Menna and Marjolein de Vos in July 2013.
"These maps were designed to help scholars and enthusiasts explore and discover digitized medieval manuscripts made available all over the world. There are hundreds of libraries that have digitized their manuscripts, but it is often difficult to find them."

For example, using this map by clicking on one of the red markers, we learn that the University Library in Rostock has 21 digitized manuscripts available.  Clicking the link provided by the map takes you right to them!

The State Library in Berlin has 261 and the Rare Book Department at the Free Library in Philadelphia has 1015!  You can zoom in on the map to find more specific locations, and fly around the world to see what resources are available in different countries.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Provenance Research Guide from UNC

Heather Gendron (Head of the Sloane Art Library at UNC Chapel Hill) has compiled an useful guide for Provenance Research resources. It includes links to the Provenance Guide by the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), the Getty Research Institute's Collecting and Provenance Research guide, and links to a number of art auctions resources

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thomas Hart Benton: America Today

This video from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's YouTube channel announces the Met's acquisition of Thomas Hart Benton's ten-panel mural, America Today, which he originally created for the New School of Art in the early 1930s. An exhibition of the panels celebrates the gift from the AXA Equitable Company, which had acquired them from the New School in 1982.