Friday, October 14, 2016

Sweden's Nationalmuseum artworks accessible on Wikimedia Commons!

Nationalmuseum Announcement
Nationalmuseum joins a growing number of museums that have released images of their collections, including The Royal Armoury and Skokloster Castle with the Hallwyl Museum Foundation in Sweden, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.

A Day of Celebration, by Carl Larsson (1895), in the Nationalmuseum
 A number of American museums also participate in Wikimedia Commons, including the Walters Art Museum, the Getty Center, and the National Gallery of Art.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dali Museum online!

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, has launched an online resource for its permanent collection!
We are delighted to share with you the launch of an exciting new resource. The Dali Museum Permanent Collection has been digitized and published online for immediate, 24/7 access by the public, scholars, Dali aficionados and art lovers worldwide. This online collection will grow, as we continue to digitize assets.
Sincerely, The Staff of The Dali Museum

In addition to this online resource, the museum's website offers virtual tours and access to its museum shop!

The museum building itself is quite fascinating--built with 18-inch thick (hurricane-proof!) walls. Designed by Yann Weymouth  of HOK, the building opened in 2011 and includes a research library and the CafĂ© Gala.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In Memorium: WorldImages digital pioneer Kathleen Cohen

The Visual Resources community learned this week of the passing of Art Historian Kathleen Cohen, a pioneer in digital images of art and cultural objects.  She freely shared her images from around the world with her colleagues.
Click the image to enter WorldImages
Kathleen taught at San Jose State University and was an active member of the Visual Resources Association (VRA) for many years, receiving the Nancy DeLaurier Award in 2008 for "distinguished achievement in the field."  Her legacy will continue with WorldImages.